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In order to achieve equal opportunity for every person in our community, we need to inspire validation.

Community Living Lennox & Addington Client Bill of Rights


Community Living Lennox and Addington affirms that the individuals we have the privilege of supporting shall be valued for their unique person and shall have the right to expect from all staff and volunteers of Community Living the protection of their dignity and privacy, support for their personal growth, and freedom from harm.

In particular, Community Living Lennox and Addington shall strive to promote and protect for our individuals supported the following rights:

  • Community Living Lennox and Addington will promote the inclusion of all our individuals supported within the Greater Napanee Community.
  • A safe and clean environment will be provided at all Community Living facilities. Community Living will endeavour to enrich our facilities to continue to meet the needs of our clients, in accordance with the availability of provincial funding.
  • Community Living will act on an individual’s behalf or advocate for an individual who is representing themselves to protect their rights and freedoms.
  • Complaints of abuse, mistreatment or neglect will be immediately reported to the police for investigation. Community Living Lennox and Addington will subsequently conduct an agency investigation.
  • Assistance will be provided in coordinating services with other agencies from which clients may require support.
  • Individuals supported shall have the right to unrestricted communication either via mail or telephone except where it is deemed the communication may be harmful to the client, in which case appropriate monitoring will be undertaken.
  • Individuals supported have the right to retain their own clothing and personal effects except where those items are used as part of a behavioural training program.
  • Community Living staff will seek to find relevant and appropriate resource information to support the distinct needs and situations of our individuals supported.
  • Community Living will work with local employers to create volunteer positions for individuals supported in the local business community. Community Living will act as a liaison between the employer and the individual supported for the duration of the volunteer position.
  • Community Living will encourage our individuals supported to help them build caring and supportive relationships with friends and family members.
  • Community Living Lennox and Addington will assist individuals to develop their functional skills through direct skills teaching and/or will provide support in accessing resources that offer skill building opportunities.
  • Community Living will endeavor to assist individuals to determine areas of focus for personal development and learning that will aid individuals in leading independent and productive lives.
  • Community Living will provide counselling services for individuals to offer support in problem-solving.

Our Philosophy & Guiding Principles

  • To provide, through the planning process, empowering support to vulnerable persons of all ages.
  • To provide supports to individuals in a respectful and competent manner, encouraging personal growth, development and independence.
  • To support persons with developmental disabilities by community integration and providing equal opportunities that promotes a typical way of life.
  • To enable individuals, through advocacy and education, to exercise and utilize their rights to equal employment and schooling.
  • To promote and support lasting family relationships and friendships in an unaffected environment.
  • To conduct ongoing evaluations in order to ensure quality, appropriateness and availability of supports and services.
  • To ensure that capital from fundraising, government and community resources are distributed effectively.
  • To focus on isolation and lack of resources especially in rural areas that presents a barrier to community integration.