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Supports & Services

Family Home

What is the Family Home Program?

The Family Home program focuses primarily on assisting youth who have transitioned from Family and Children's Services/Children's Aid Societies to Developmental Services Ontario once they become eighteen years of age. In most cases the youth continue living in their foster homes receiving ongoing support from both the family home providers and Community Living Lennox & Addington. This program allows individuals to live in a caring family environment while respecting their growing need for independence.

What are the Goals of the Family Home Program?

  • To provide ongoing support in the areas of one-to-one staff support, school to community transition planning, budgeting/money management, basic life skills training, day program/supported employment, assistance with medical appointments and referrals to other service providers, respite and recreation.
  • To support youth with achieving their personal goals (Person Centered Plans), enhancing their skills, facilitating relationships and promoting a quality lifestyle enabling them to become fully participating members of their community.
  • To support youth and the family with planning, processing and monitoring supports within the home and supports that facilitate involvement within the community for adults with developmental disabilities.
  • To support youth who want to move toward a more independent living arrangement and providing them with ongoing support.

Who are our Family Home Providers?

Community Living Lennox & Addington carefully screens all potential Family Home providers. Individuals supported are matched with Family Home providers in a process that tries to find the best compatibility for all involved.

For further information about our Family Home Program, please contact Fran Rowley at or call 613-354-2184, ext. 114.

Family Support Program

What is Family Support?

Family Support is a program that offers support to families who are caring for individuals with a developmental disability. The supports offered can include acting as an advocate for both the individual supported and the family; liaising with other support agencies; aiding to help seek and apply for funding sources; and providing planning.

The value of the Family Support program is in easing the burden for families trying to navigate the developmental services sector in a way that best reveals the opportunities for the individual supported.

Group Home

Community Living Lennox & Addington has a group home on the Napanee River. Eight individuals supported share this affordable and accessible home. As well, there is one respite bed for use as needed.

Most of the individuals at our Group Home attend our Day Support program during the week. Twenty-four hour staffing ensures the focus is available to ensure quality care. Group Home staff are responsible for assistance with daily life skills and personal care, taking residents to health care appointments, monitoring their financial resources, and helping them achieve personal goals and dreams. Our staff and residents work together to ensure our Group Home is a home in which all feel a sense of belonging, dignity and independence.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

The SIL program of Community Living Lennox & Addington focuses on providing support to individuals who live in the community on their own. Some of these individuals are single and others are married couples. Most of them rent apartments within the Town of Greater Napanee. SIL Support Workers meet with individuals regularly and provide various supports including:

  • Assistance with planning menus, grocery shopping and cooking
  • Assistance with laundry
  • Assistance with cleaning
  • Assistance with all health care appointments as well as assistance with following through on the recommendations provided by health care practitioners
  • Assistance with financial planning, paying of bills, and tax filing
  • Assistance with finding a suitable living accommodation
  • Assistance with community integration
  • Assistance with achieving goals

Day Support Program

Day Supports are offered Monday to Friday at the Resource Centre. Programs are available to adults with developmental disabilities and are based on their individual skill set and desired level of social and recreational engagement. Each person has individualized goals that are reflected in their daily programming. Current programs offered are fitness class, chair yoga led by a trained physical therapist, Art Therapy conducted in partnership with CASA Art Adventures, bowling at Quinte Bowl and swimming at Quinte Wellness Centre on an independent level or 1:1 supports as required. In-house programs led by our Day Support staff are offered when individual’s goals reflect the need to work on Life Skills such as cooking skills, hygiene, boundary setting, and relationship building.

During day program hours we offer hands on training in our woodworking program for those who have a desire to get their hands dirty! Support staff instruct and offer guidance to individuals on using carpentry machinery and creating a piece of artwork individualized to the person. Items can be found at our retail space, The Hub (27 Dundas Street West), where we showcase our supported individuals’ artwork and wood pieces along with local products.

Volunteer and employment opportunities are also a large part of our programming. As a potential candidate for these specific programs, individuals are matched with community partners to volunteer or gain paid employment. Involvement in the community increases self-confidence, independence and self-esteem of our supported individuals.