About Us

Community Living Lennox & Addington has a rich history with roots firmly grounded in the county of Lennox and Addington. The first shelter workshop - known then as A.R.C. (Adult Rehabilitation Centre) - opened in September of 1969 in the old Happy Day school building on Slash Road in Napanee. Originally support was offered to four individuals; however, quickly, the requirement for support grew to the point where it was decided a larger facility was necessary. A planning board was formed in 1975 and, with local and ministry funding and support, the present building was opened as A.R.C. in 1977. Placement requests continued, prompting the construction of an addition in 1981. Currently, Community Living Lennox & Addington provides support to more than 100 individuals.

The term Community Living is synonymous with what we do. Our mission is to promote human rights, social change and inclusion - in other words to help our individuals supported to integrate into the local community in a manner that enables them to maintain their dignity and permits them to feel connected and valued.

Providing support for individuals encompasses assistance to individuals in various living arrangements. Our agency is organized accordingly. Some of our individuals supported live with their families in their own family homes. They come to us through our Day Support program and/or are active in our Family Support program. Others live in our residential Group Home in Napanee. Many of our Group Home individuals also participate in our Day Support program. Still others reside in the community independently in our Supported Independent Living (SIL) program. Finally, other individuals participate with Community Living in our Family Home program and reside in the community with various family home providers. The level of support offered is dependent on different factors such as the living arrangement, need, and ability.

Community Living Lennox & Addington is a registered, not-for-profit charitable organization governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the membership of our association. Our major funding source is the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. As well, our Board of Directors supplement our programs with resources purchased from the proceeds of various community fundraising activities.

We are Community Living Lennox & Addington and together we are "Inspiring Possibilities"!